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We had to read the story The Red Ball. Then when we finished we made a word find. The words had to be adjectives and verbs. Once we did that we made a new document and then we use the words from the word find. Then we had to find the words from the book and use the sentence it was in. Once we did that we made up different describing words to replace and make the sentence sound better. Here’s my document I did, Enjoy!  
Reading red ball follow up

know what different words mean.

I have learnt to use more descriptive words.

my next step is to use more all the descriptive word more often.

Describing Jordyn.Jordyn is one of my best friends Jordyn's birthday is the 12th of July  and mine is the 11th of July so I am 1 day older. We meet at the pool  and after that we became great friends.Jordyn has very pretty brown blond hair she has beautiful blue eyes. She  has a great sense of humor because she has funny stories. Jordyn'sfavorite  colour is purple Jordyn's favourite food is sushi. Jordyn is very funny and nice caring helpful and a great friend. l That's my friend Jordyn. By Mackenzi

huge fire port hills Christchurch

Huge fire hit the port hills Christchurch on the 13 February at 6pm last night the port hills are black and grey with lots of smoke today.  The firemen are there trying to put it out with helicopters and their water buckets. The smoke is spreading and today you can smell the fire.  Yesterday at 2:30PM a helicopter  crashed and the pilot died. More people have been evacuated because of the spreading fire  the planes  are there and they have pink orange stuff that makes the fire  go out.

the red ball reading follow up

the red ball
1.Then it disappeared when her head stopped spinner.

2.Cold twisted in idas stomach. It felt like a snake made from ice

3. Yes she replied

4.the girl wore a sparkly floaty dress

5. That morning the principal had made an announcement 6. The regional athletics competitions  

7.regional athletics competitions

8. Jump may! Ida screamed but it was too late

9. May was the opposite

10. Hey what did you do that for