Friday, August 18, 2017

Art blog

What's the goal?

Create artist inspired artwork

What did I learn to do?

We had to look up designs about Raewyn Harris and her koru designs

I used different colours and the colour wheel to match colours together.
I made my art look good but some of it smudged and some things I did not like so with a rubber I could rub it out.
We had to make 2 drafts and one final copy I think it was easy but a little hard trying to match the colours.

What is my next step?

It is keep inside the lines and not get the crayon on the chalk.
This is how my art turned out.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Music rap

   To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying

How did you go about achieving this? My group had to think hard to finish the rap but we succeeded very well.
What resources were used to help you? my group used

HTML5 Drum Kit to get the right beat. 

Did you go through the process on your own or collaborate with other people? I collaborated with Aysha and Jessica.
How did you find the process? I found the process a challenge because we had to think very hard what words would rhyme.
What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap? We had to find a good beat to have for our rap.

What  might be your next step? to add the beat into the rap
this is our rap hope you enjoy I come to school feeling very very cool and then i see you and you push me in the pool.

You make me cry when i try to say hi you should pay me for all the things you do why o why are you such fool. Why don’t you let me be free i plea i plea  Why do you always run the school just agree agree you are fool. I am cool everywhere else but just at school you make me look like a fool. I cry and i try and say hi but all you do is be a big fool with a tool.
Mackenzie Aysha Jessica

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Maths blog division problems using reversibility

WALT solve division problems using reversibility 

E.g. 28 divided by 7 = 4

and 7 times 4 = 28

56 divided by  7 = 8

  and 7 times 8 = 56

81 divided by 9 = 9

 and 9 times 9 = 81

this is my work 

the times and divided  byes  are reversed