woodend christian camp

17.11.16 WALT describe our feelings about camp.
All the year five students went on camp. We went to Woodend christian camp. Camp was brilliant because the water slide was really fun and you got to verse someone when you went down the water-slide.
     When you went down it was very steep then when you hit the middle and you get splashed and then when you are at the end there is a little mud puddle. At the end I liked it because I got to race my friends and see who was the fastest. I liked all the other activities like archery because at the start I did not know what hand I was but then I got the hang of it.
     Shooting was fun because I got one of the triangles. Go karts was fun and fast. The climbing wall was fun and scary and orienteering was fun but some people left our team because they wanted to leave. Our team building was fun and challenging because we had to climb up this wood pole and lay on it and wrap our legs around the pole. Then there was a wooden wall and we had to pull ourselves up but at the top there was some people to help us get up.
Camp was brilliant, I can't wait till next time!


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